When dating becomes romantic with Dadio app!

                       When dating becomes romantic with Dadio app!

Well if you think that dating is only for bachelor people, then you are wrong. Since Dadio app have became a saviour for many people. Yes you hear it right. Dadio app is one of the free dating app in India. You have to search your partner along with seeing the profiles and hearing the audio. Once you find your perfect match simply press heart or send the text message and it is absolutely free of cost. This app helps to find partners for married also.

 Why Dadio app is best?                                                                          

By the name itself you will know that ‘da’ means dating and ‘dio’ means audio. Therefore combining both it is dating with audio. The main objective of creating this app is two that is firstly elimination of fake accounts and secondly it is real engagement. Well the problem of fake profiles has eliminated as this app made compulsory to have an audio introduction along with the respective profiles. As it was observed that many people have a fear that the persons that have an account on dating sites are fakes. Secondly most of the dating sites charge an amount as membership fee. But Dadio eliminated this requirement by introducing the model of pay per call only. For this reason you can say that Dadio is a free dating app in India. In Dadio you can find the real people with real profile.

Working principle of Dadio

 The unique feature that Dadio has introduces that you should have an audio also with the profiles. This feature is not available in any of the dating sites. First of all you have to create your profile with some good pictures of yourself. Then you have to add an audio introduction of yourself. Then you are done with creating your profiles. Then you will start getting matches according your location. Not only this under my preferences you can also add many filters such as gender, age group, distance and also online/offline status. And the moment you find your match you can simply start talking by sending a text along with pressing heart. You can also use the audio calling feature. If you like someone simply touch or press the heart button or sent a text message and it is all free. So what are you waiting for? Just download the Dadio app and start dating. Happy dating